About Us

My name is Fitz. I am a working Pit Boss in a Casino and have spent over forty-five years in management and customer service. A lot of folks will tell you what you need to know when you go to a Casino for the first time, but unless they are on the inside, they canít be the real deal. Iíll repeat that opening sentence. I am a working Pit Boss in a Casino.† My background is pretty solid and I write my eBooks in laymanís terms, so you can read and understand what Iím talking about.

Go back to Las Vegas in the 1960ís to a now defunct casino called the Mint Hotel. In this period of time, going to a Casino was about the glamour, the shows, great food, and absolutely the gambling. Here comes a green kid from the Midwest that wants to learn this business. He breaks in as a dealer and makes a 20 year career in the Casino Industry. He works in and out of the Casino business then takes his management skills to other private sector and government fields, but decades later he is drawn back to the Casino industry like a kid to a circus.

Fast forward to today, over 40 years later and look at the renewed business.

The Las Vegas gambling monopoly is gone, eroded like the Grand Canyon, first by Atlantic City, then by an unbelievable amount of tiny Casinos all over the country. There is even a riverboat Casino in Supermanís home town of Metropolis, Illinois. Today you donít need to travel to Las Vegas to play because a Casino is as convenient to your doorstep as a 7-11. That convenience is why I have written this. The Casino is now close to your home, and you can drive there to have a good time. Enjoy yourself. Good Luck!!


The Pit Boss